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Welcome to the Backyard vegetable gardening

Getting the soils PH to a desirble level is important, testing of the soils PH can be done with a testing kit or the Local extion office.

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The backyard gardener is in control of the content in there garden. Choosing the vegetables and herbs suited for growing in your zone. Purchasing seeds is very economical, although it take a little patience to get the job done. The seeds may not sprout if not taken care of properly. The soil needs to be kept moist as the the seeds germinate. Spacing the vegetables in the garden is important because the plants need room to grow, it may prevent crawling insects from having a supper highway from leaf to leaf. Combination gardening may add an obstacle to crawling insects, due to the interruption of there path to there favorite vegetable.

Sweet Potato

lizard on the Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is used in creams jells and dietary supplement drinks.

raised bed garden Kale

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