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Rosemary and hibiscus are growin well in the backyard  garden
Rosemary Rosemary is a popular herb to flavor up a dish such as chicken or any meat the cook deems as a good mix.

Hibiscus in Blossoming, this is from a cutting of the mother plant. I've found that Hibiscus are fairly easy to root from cutting.


Rosemary and Hibiscus in the backyard garden

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Backyard vegetable gardening

Mustard greens Cruciferious vegetables such as Mustards, Kales and Collard greens are one of the favorites in the backyard garden. Mustard greens will be ready to pick from seed in about 45 days,depending on the conditions. Mustards will bolt, when the weather gets warmer. Mustards seeds are used in defferent ways, they are very small in their pods. Mustard can be strong or mild in taste and they taste like mustard, they  have a distinct taste. Green leafy vegetable such as Kale , Mustards, Collard greens pack  some powerful nutrients for our diet. Planting greens in containers is a good way for those with limited space to grow leafy vegetables with a little effort.

Container gardening of cucumbers with Kale and Marigolds
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The gardener must take action to help prevent the loss of crops other and garden pest, above and below ground. The birds play an important role eating insects from the tomatoes plants and other plants in the backyard garden. Clary Sage Sage is one of those herbs that is used in cooking and also some remedies. clary sage  The goal is to use less pesticides as possible to control unwanted worms and bugs.
worm eaten Colllards
 Spacing crops may prevent crawling insects from crawling for one leaf to another. Spraying with  a killing soap  may reduce insect infestation.

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 Okra in Bloom

Blooming Okra

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