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Rosemary Rosemary is a popular herb to flavor up a dish such as chicken or any meat the cook deems as a good mix.
The Garden

Backyard vegetable gardening

Mustard greens Mustards are one of the mild tasting greens. It can withstand some cold temps. Some people think they taste better with a light frost. One good thing the gardener may-be able to harvest several meals before they bolt due to the summer heat.

In and around the backyard garden there are birds and small animals such as squirrels a Rabbit once and a while.. The birds help control insects, the squirrels eat seeds , dig and bury acorns etc. Doing Strawberry season, the birds and squirrels join the harvest of berries. Our diet may consist of Strawberries and other fruits and berries, for there taste and antioxidant benefit. I guess the Squirrel need antioxidant also, it has helped itself to the fruit.
The gardener must take action to help prevent the loss of crops to Squirrels, Insects and other garden pest, above and below ground. I will use a cover of Cheese Cloth to cover the Strawberries in an effort to help control birds and Squirrels in the Backyard garden. The birds play an important role eating insects from the tomatoes plants and other plants in the backyard garden. The goal is to us less pesticides as possible to control unwanted worms and bugs and to be as close to naturally, organically grown as possible . Spacing crops may prevent crawling insects from crawling for one leaf to another. As and independent distributor of dietary supplement that is all about nutritional benefit, that follow the dietary blue-prints of nature.

Vitamin C

 Okra Bloom

Okra in bloom!