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Rosemary and hibiscus are growin well in the backyard  garden
Rosemary Rosemary is a popular herb to flavor up a dish such as chicken or any meat the cook deems as a good mix.

Hibiscus in Blossoming, this is from a cutting of the mother plant. I've found that Hibiscus are fairly easy to root from cutting.


Hibiscus and Rosmary for home useage!


Growing Hibiscus and Rosemay

Mustard greensMustard Green The Hibiscus plants has some beautyful flowers, some flower are used in to make tea. With a few tries a cutting rooted and plant in the garden and in a container.
Cucumber Cucumber

Hibiscus and echinacea for home usage


Corner counter top Ceramic over laminate

Borage is another unique plant to have in the backyard garden. Borage Borage oils is used by those that are familiar with its benefits. Borage  Stargazer The Stargazer add eloquence to the backyard and patio.