Rosemary and hibiscus are growing well in the backyard  garden
Rosemary is a popular herb forflavoring up a dish such as chicken or any meat the cook deems as a good mix. Rosemary is used in some herbal formulation as remedies.

Hibiscus in Blossoming, this is from a cutting of the mother plant. I've found that Hibiscus are fairly easy to root from cutting. The flowers of the Hibicus are used to make teas. The flower of squash may be used in cooking as well as other flower such as the Marigold. Marigold as beauty to my backyard garden.


Hibiscus and Rosemary for home useage!





Vegetables and herb gardening!.

In the backyard garden are Amaryllis,Stargazers, Echinacea,and a variety of herbs. Some herbs are: Rosemary, Thyme, oregano,Sage, Lobelia,and Borage. Borage is another unique plant to have in the backyard garden
Mustard greensMustard Green Mustard greens are one of the vegatable that will be ready to harvest in about 45 days from seed. Keeping the garden clean of dead leaves may help prevent some insects from having a hidding place.AS themps rise there is a little bug that like to hide in the base of the leaf and they can do alot of damage.It is also recomended to space plants to help slow there movement from one plant to the other.
Cucumber Cucumbers are used in salads,sandwitches etc, and it comforting to know one may step out into the garden and have a cucumber vine fresh.

Hibiscus and echinacea for home usage


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Borage oils is used by those that are familiar with its benefits. Borage Some information about One of GNLD s Core Products: Caroreniod Complex.
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The Amaryllis Flower


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