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Red Cardinal

The Red Cardinal looking for a meal. The Red Cardinal is quick,better be ready for a snap shot

Welcome to the Backyard vegetable gardening


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Mixed Fruit

A harvest of Strawberries, Scallop Squash, Sweep pepper and Tomato

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In and around the garden there are birds and small animals such as squirrels that are beneficial and also do damage. The birds help control insects, the squirrels eat and they do bury seeds acorns etc. It is Strawberry season, the birds and squirrels love the berries. In our diet Strawberries are important as an Antioxidant, I guess the Squirrel need antioxidant also. The gardener must take action to help prevent the loss of berries eaten or just damage by the Squirrels. I will use a cover of Cheese Cloth to cover the Strawberries in the Backyard garden. The birds play an important role is eating insects on the tomatoes and other plants in the backyard garden.

Squirrel eating Strawberry

Sweet Snow Peas, The vine is Brown after a few weeks of producing, the top keep producing. It is in a container with a Tomato, it is kept moist
Snow Peas

raised bed garden Kale

Cheap Labor around the garden and lawn